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About Us

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Our Mission Statement

We aspire to be a caring body of people, walking humbly with Jesus Christ through repentance, prayer, and unified worship. It is our desire to impact our community by the power of the Holy Spirit through meaningful, intentional Biblical Discipleship, and strategic use of God's resources.

Rosedale Network of Churches

Pond Bank Community Church is a member of the Rosedale Network of Churches. For more information about the conference, please visit the Rosedale Network of Churches Website. We agree with the Rosedale Network of Churches Statement of Theology and the Rosedale Network of Churches Statement of Practice.

Our Leadership Team


Jeremy Lehman

Jeremy and Sabrina Lehman have been attending Pond Bank Community Church since 2005. Jeremy was licensed as associate pastor in 2010 and was ordained in 2011. He currently serves in the role of Senior Pastor. Jeremy and his wife Sabrina have five children and live in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

Care Minister

Jeff Ebersole

Jeff and Ruth Ebersole have been attending Pond Bank Community Church for many years. Jeff was a member of the leadership team for several years and has moved to the role of Care Minister. Jeff and his wife Ruth have eight children and live in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.


Jonas Byers

Jonas and Lorene Byers have been attending Pond Bank Community Church for a number of years. Jonas has been a member of the leadership team for several years and has moved into the role of Administrator. Jonas and his wife Lorene have three children and live in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

Elder Team

The elder team, pastor, and care minister are the leadership team of the congregation and are responsible for the general spiritual well-being and the general operations of the congregation. The elder team assists the pastor and care minister in helping with congregational life, ensures that church functions run smoothly, and attends to the physical and spiritual needs of the congregation. The current members of the elder team are:

Adam & Heather Defenderfer
Jonas & Lorene Byers
Chad & Lisa Wadel
David & Anya Larson
James & Bambi Patullo


Pond Bank Community Church

The mission work in Pond Bank was started in 1909 as a result of revival meetings at Marion Mennonite Church and a push for mission outreach among the youth. Harvey Shank, a young member at Marion, became involved in the mission when he took a teaching position at the White Rock School in Pond Bank.

In the same year, he led Joseph Metz, a Pond Bank resident, to the Lord. In 1910, Joseph Metz was baptized. This event sparked interest in establishing regular church meetings in Pond Bank. For several years, bi-monthly services were held in the White Rock School. In 1921, the Washington-Franklin Mennonite Mission board ordained Harvey to full time mission work in Pond Bank.

In 1941, the congregation was organized, and Andrew Lehman was ordained as the first deacon.

The Church Building

In 1919, the Mission Board purchased an old Presbyterian church building and dismantled it and moved it to Pond Bank. In 1920, with the youth from Marion providing the labor, the building was reassembled. It served as the church building for 82 years until the deterioration of the structure warranted replacement in 2002.


Two outreach congregations were started with participation from dedicated members of Pond Bank Community Church.

In 1953, Fox Hill Mission was started in Waynesboro. In 1969, the congregation moved about ½ mile and was renamed Fairview Chapel. In 2001, the congregation was renamed Lifegate Ministries.

Living Faith Chapel was started in 1983 in the Shippensburg area.


Below is a poster showing the pastors that have served at Pond Bank Community Church.